(Length Units)

LandPrints can use operate with English, Metric and some archaic units that are only of use for historical studies.  We can even enter one kind of length unit, and get different units of length in the output.  So if you have data in "perches", but want the output in more modern and understandable "feet", LandPrints can oblige you.  So . . . here's what we can do:

Feet Conversions
Yards 3 Feet = 1 Yard
Varas 2.77778 Feet = 1 Vara
Meters 3.28083 Feet = 1 Meter
Rods 16.5 Feet = 1 Rod
Perches 16.5 Feet = 1 Perch
Chains 66 Feet = 1 Chain
Miles 5280 Feet = 1 Mile

Area is normally measured in terms of Acres and Square Feet.  If  Meters are used in the output, area dimensions will be in Hectares (1 Hectare = 10,000 Square Meters =2.4710 Acres ) but the Data Sheet will have the equivalent Square Feet listed also.   Closure errors are measured in terms of feet and 16ths of an inch in both the X and Y directions, or in meters and millimeters respectively.  Input angles are to be in terms of  "Degrees", "Minutes",  and "Seconds", where 60 minutes = 1 degree and 60 seconds = 1 minute.